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And in case you can't get enough, there's even more on my Medium page - where I've got a few published articles floating around.

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How I Make Working Out at Home Super Easy

I didn’t always work out, but I’ve finally figured out what works best for me. This pandemic has put us in two camps - we either start...

Pursuing an Opera Career

Lately, I've been talking to a few people about the direction my life is headed, and how difficult it is to pursue an opera career...

This Week on Local Friday: Summersalt

Thanks for joining me on this segment of Local Friday! I designate this day of the week to be about a local business/artist that I...

This Week on Local Friday: Time Lys Jewelry

Wait, what's Local Friday? Well, for a while I've been wanting to feature local artists and businesses to show my support of #shoplocal...

Is Beautycounter Even Worth It?

So, you've heard a lot of people talk about this company, seen it take over your Instagram feed, had people on Facebook message you about...

Easy Ways to Live Sustainably!

So, I tout living a sustainable and nontoxic life, but I realized that I never wrote a blog post about it! This post is going to hash out...

Dealing with a Stroke

I am not a therapist. I am not a doctor. I am, however, a daughter of a stroke survivor, and I am learning every single day what life is...

Ways to Save Money on a Tight Budget

I am no money-master by any means, but there are certain things I try to do to save money on my tight "artist" budget. In this post I...

What about all that down time?

So, you're out in the big, bad, intimidating world and you're not getting much singing work, and there is so much downtime... Should you...

Recovering from the Holidays

I don't know about you, but this has been one of the most exhausting holiday seasons I have ever experienced... Maybe this is just a sign...

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