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And in case you can't get enough, there's even more on my Medium page - where I've got a few published articles floating around.

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How I Make Working Out at Home Super Easy

I didn’t always work out, but I’ve finally figured out what works best for me. This pandemic has put us in two camps - we either start...

Is Beautycounter Even Worth It?

So, you've heard a lot of people talk about this company, seen it take over your Instagram feed, had people on Facebook message you about...

Ways to Save Money on a Tight Budget

I am no money-master by any means, but there are certain things I try to do to save money on my tight "artist" budget. In this post I...

What about all that down time?

So, you're out in the big, bad, intimidating world and you're not getting much singing work, and there is so much downtime... Should you...

Unwarranted Opinions

We all have had experiences with these, and mainly from family when you least expect it, digging up all of those insecurities that you...

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