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How I Maintain my Health as a Singer

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

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If you've ever talked to a singer, then you probably know how insane they can be about their vocal health.

I used to be crazy. Just ask my best friends/college roommates, Jen and Sarah.

As a singer, our entire body is our instrument. We have to take care of it 24/7.

Rules singers pretty much abide by:

-No yelling

-Don't speak in vocal fry (more on this later)

-Avoid foods that flare up your acid reflux (which 80% of the population has, but they just don't know it)

-AVOID GERMS LIKE THEY ARE THE ACTUAL BLACK PLAGUEGetting plenty of sleep each night

-HYDRATE like yo mama's life depends on it

I could keep going! But I won't...

Things change

As I've gotten older, I've relaxed a little. Maybe that had to do with the fact that I lived in Colorado and California?

Singing does require a lot of discipline when it comes to the care of the voice. Sometimes it's really hard to avoid talking (like when you're part-time job is in loud restaurant where the majority of the clientele is over the age of 60). Going out with my friends is when it's the toughest for me:

We like to hang out at bars that have open patios, and those here in STL (that's Saint Louis, Missouri for you folk that don't know) allow smoking. And a few of my non-singing friends smoke... So I have to deal with that.

But, to counteract all of it, here's some TLC I give to my singing body:

If I feel a cold coming on I reach straight for my Cold Snap! This seriously cuts my cold IN HALF! I learned about this from my voice teacher in undergrad (thanks Kate!) and it's my favorite. It honestly works. And all you do is take however many pills they recommend with water and get some rest.

Hot tea. This may be old school, but ask any singer friend and they will tell you the wonders of Throat Coat. I add some lemon (no honey because it makes my stomach hurt, and it's added sugar I don't need) and some turmeric powder to give me that awesome immune system boost.

STEAMING! Boy, I learned the wonders of this waaaay too late in life. Basically, I inhale steam from hot water to help hydrate my mucus membranes. It feels fantastic. Flying really dries most people out, so when I get to wherever I am going, this personal steam inhaler really helps me coat my nose, throat, and lungs with delicious moisture.

If I know a sinus infection is on the way this is my go-to: Sinu Orega Nasal Wash. It burns a little, but oh so goooood.

Well, folks, that's kind of the 101 on my singing health! Check back for more posts in the future regarding all things music, health, and love. And, of course, trying to balance it all.

With love and sincerity,


Hot tea/water with lemon, ginger, and honey is a go-to drink for singers when they feel a cold coming on.

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